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12 Sep 2018

Annual Holiday Tasting

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Why we love the 2014 vintage from Bordeaux


1)  Prices are great.  It wasn’t a blockbuster vintage in Bordeaux so the prices aren’t accordingly astronomical.  For Cabernet/Merlot based wines, Bordeaux produces the most value than any other region in vintages like this.  They are cheaper than most equivalent quality wines from other regions such as Napa and Sonoma.  You can find good reds for $15-$20 and be drinking classified growths starting at $60 or so.  You can find 2nd growths at the $100-level.


2)  Underrated vintage.  Like we mentioned, it isn’t a blockbuster vintage, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good vintage.  In fact it is a good vintage, just not a vintage that will be popular with collectors who drive prices up.  If you like to drink your wine and not stare at your wine, this is a vintage for you.  In stature, not necessarily style, think of 2014 like 1983 or 2001, two under appreciated and over shadowed vintages that produced very good wines.


3)  Open for business.  Most Bordeaux producers have heard the criticism that their wines take too long before they are ready to drink and with modern wine techniques and knowledge they are making their wines, especially in a vintage like 2014, more approachable earlier in their lives.  This is a pop-and-pour vintage.  No anxiety about whether you should age it or not and that goes from the top wines all the way down to basic Bordeaux.  Just drink now and enjoy.  That is not to say that these wines will fall apart soon either.  They will last a good decade or more, but there is no worries about opening a bottle before its time.


4)  More modern style.  While steeped in tradition most Bordeaux producers have the sensibility to embrace modern techniques and knowledge, and hence the style of wine has evolved.  It is more aligned with modern consumer’s palates.  Generally the wines have fresh and lively fruit, soft tannins and acidity that doesn’t dominate the wine.  


5)  First post-Parker vintage.  For decades famed wine critic Robert Parker dominated the scene of Bordeaux.   A high rating from Parker meant a commensurate high price.  However, Parker stop rating Bordeaux in the 2014 vintage.  Parker was a blessing and a curse at the same time.  While he raised awareness and forced many wine producers to up their game, many wineries made wine to please Parker.  From here forward it will be interesting to see producers less constrained by Parker’s formula/recipe and the different kinds of styles they will produce.  There will be more diversity and uniqueness in the wines.


Vintage Wine Cellar is Hawaii’s largest purveyor of Bordeaux wines.  We have the selection and best prices.  Explore the wonderful 2014 vintage.  In stock now!



Our annual holiday show will feature the wines from the 2014 Bordeaux vintage and there will be extra surprises as well (For a hint, visit our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Vintage-Wine-Cellar-346812762141/?ref=bookmarks - and look where we were visiting in May.).


WHAT: Vintage Wine Cellar Annual Holiday Tasting

WHEN: Friday, November 9th, 2018 6pm

WHERE: 3660 On the Rise - Private Rooms

HOW: Make a reservation at VWC (523-WINE).  

COST:  $35 + tax per person.  Will include wines from the 2014 Bordeaux vintage.  We will have some whites, pinks and Pinot Noir from Oregon as well.  Heavy pupus will be served.  Tasting is in a cocktail station setting.  Refunds will only be given to cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to the event.


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