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22 Nov 2019

Sake Arrives at Vintage Wine Cellar

Sake Arrives at Vintage Wine Cellar

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Vintage Wine Cellar is stepping up our sake game.  We are now bringing in some great sakes and they are priced to move.   Many of these sakes are served in some of the fine Japanese restaurants in town.  We are excited to feature these high quality and affordable sakes.


Want to do something different to do on Thanksgiving weekend?  We have Tassho Pearce from World Sake Imports in our store on Friday, November 29th, from 3pm -7pm.  He’ll be here to educate you on the different sakes we have.  If you can’t make it in at that time we’ll be having a free sake tasting  of all the sakes listed below all weekend long (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11/29 – 12/1) from 11am to 7pm each day.   And it is all free!


WHAT:  Sake Tasting

WHEN:  Friday (11/29), Saturday (11/30) and Sunday (12/1) from 11am – 7pm.

                        Tassho Pearce will be in store on Friday (11/29) from 3-7pm.

WHERE: Vintage Wine Cellar

HOW:    Just visit VWC during the posted times and enjoy




Doesn’t require any minimum milling, but must be pure rice (i.e. no added alcohol allowed).   Varies in style, but often these appeal to a lot of people because they are easy to drink.

Miyasaka Yawanaka  - Sake Matinee            720ml              $19.99

A modern expression of the Junmai style.  A low alcohol (12%) content gives this label refined smoothness and super soft finish with a hint of plum.  Our top selling label here in Honolulu because of its easy drinkability and approachable cost.

Sohomare Karakuchi – Premium Dry Sake720ml     $24.99

A fantastic option for those seeking a dry style sake.  What makes this label especially unique is that they use Yamadanishiki rice, the most expensive rice in the world, usually reserved for the ultra premium Daiginjo labels for a Junmai.  Rich flavor and dry finish come together to form perfect balance.



The rice must be polished to at least 60% or les..  A lighter and refreshing style of sake with often fruity and floral qualities.

Dewazakura Dewasansan – Green Ridge 720ml      $30.99

Dewazakura is a wine drinkers sake.  Aroma, fruit notes and a dry finish round out this modern style ginjo sake.

Masumi Hiyaroshi – Sleeping Beauty           720ml             $31.99

This is a seasonal Nama or unpasteurized sake from Masumi, one of the most renowned and oldest breweries in Japan.  It’s bursting with flavor and zing and has a memorable finish.



The rice has to be polished down to 50% or less.  Daiginjos typically are richer and more complex than Ginjo sakes.

Hoyo Kura No Hana – Fire Maiden 500ml                $27.99

One of our most popular labels because it’s great price and well balanced profile.  Elegant and soft with a slight imprint of anise.

Dewazakura Ichiro – Abby Road 720ml                    $47.99




Specialty sakes don’t necessarily fit in the traditional boundaries and often allow the producer to push the envelope and/or express artisanal qualities.

Kamoizumi Nigori Ginjo – Summer Snow 500ml      $23.99

The best unfiltered nigori available.  Beautiful aroma, full flavored with fruit notes like pineapple and coconut, unpasteurized freshness and zing.  There is something for every nigori lover in this deluxe unfiltered sake.  A top seller and one of our most popular labels.

Komoizumi Umeshu 720ml                                       $30.99

Sweetness, acidity and piquant plum flavor distinguish this lovely low-alcohol aperietif.  Green plums provide the tartness, artisan rock sugar the sweetness and pure Junmai sake the satisfying balance and smoothness.

Dewazakura Sarasara – Sarasara 720ml                   $29.99

Beautiful aroma and mild sweetness in this mild nigori.  A wonderful seasonal offering from Dewazakura brewery.


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